Commentary On Through My Eyes By Tim Tebow

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Cody Stevens Through My Eyes The book starts with Tim Tebow is in New York for the presentation of the Heisman Trophy. He speaks of a splitting head headache he had during the ceremony. To add to it he didn’t receive the award. However he mouthed the words “Game on” to his coaches. Later finding out he was using not winning as another factor to motivate him in the BCS National Championship. Then it changes settings back to before Tim was born when his parents were in the Philippines. This is when they prayed about having Tim to see if it followed Gods will. They felt it was right and Tim was on the way. They were having some complications and went to the doctors where they were told to abort the pregnancy. They prayed about it and decided…show more content…
It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I loved Tim Tebow before reading this book. After reading it my respect for him as a person and an athlete has done nothing but increase greatly. He is an awesome person that uses his platform to glorify God. I really like his outlook on God given talents. He feels that God gave us theses talents we have to glorify him, therefore we should use them as God intended us too. This book helped me grow as a Christian. Just seeing the examples he set for others is one thing that made me realize I needed to do in my own life. Whither I realize it or not people are always watching me. So how do I want them to remember me? So I’ve been trying to set a good example so that I wont have to tell people my beliefs, but that they can see it through my actions. His trust in God amazes me. It makes me want to get in the word and commit like him. He is a wonderful role model. I really thought it was cool to be inside his head on games that I physically watched on TV. It was cool and through out the book I found myself saying, “So that’s how that happened.” I just really respect Tim Tebow for his commitment to his team and anything he does. I also liked knowing his background and childhood. It helped me to see why he was wired how he is. I have never really been a pro of the NFL. I may watch the super bowl but could care less who wins. Ever since Tim Tebow has began starting at Denver I get so caught up in the games. I am currently a Broncos fan. As soon as he gets traded I will switch to that team. I guess I should just call myself a Tebow fan. I’d also like to thank you for giving us this assignment because without I probably wouldn’t have read this book. And I surely would have missed

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