True Faith In Thomas Paine's The Age Of Reason

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While reading Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason, it is apparent that one can question their true faith and where their beliefs really come from. From Paine it brought many questions of my loyalties lie and where my faith comes from. Throughout life, from time to time, questions of what is true from the Lord can be muddy. With this writing, there are many contradictions, false facts, and inconsistent thoughts. Paine’s main thesis discussed in the writing was his open mindedness for others to accept other religions and not blindly follow other people with that they believe. According to Paine, people should be open minded and make their own way of their beliefs. Someone should never believe in a religion that they do not truly understand. He had written the book so others could see what others religions can bring to our civilization and acceptance of others perspective of life. Throughout the writing, Thomas Paine has many contradictions of his thoughts. First, from page 24, it is said that having a revelation is not a contradiction. Just because someone says something does not make it automatically true. It does not make the statement something that can be followed…show more content…
He had answered many of my questions about my faith and what I believe is real. This does not mean that this book has changed my values and views of my religion, however has made me a more devote person to my religion. I agree with Paine as well that we are always contradicting ourselves. With my church group, we always say that we fit the Bible stories to fit and suit our need, but always show our true devotion. These stories are to be taken with a grain of salt and not to be take as seriously as they are being taken. To side with Paine, people are always going to question how it is possible that these stories are written and if they really came from God or just made up to serve the purpose of telling a story to help
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