Unsolved Murder In The Great Gatsby

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Round Two Throughout the existence of the human race, countless mysteries and curiosities go unsolved, and sometimes unnoticed. People either lose interest, or no longer benefit from trying to resolve problems, or anything in between. Whatever the reason may be, the state of attention that had once been present ceases to exist. Unsolved murders in particular are exceptionally peculiar. It is unclear how exactly a murder becomes disregarded for so long it becomes unsolved. But, nevertheless, it has happened more than a few times throughout history. In the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby contains the case of a somewhat unsolved murder. As the majority of people inhabiting West Egg, and perhaps many other cities, know, a man by…show more content…
But there is one acquaintance of Wilson that could very well be at fault in this situation. Wealthy polo player Tom Buchanan had a distant affiliation with the gunman of this crime. Buchanan and Wilson had been on a first-name basis at the time of the incident and were quite friendly with each other, even if their conversations remained on mostly surface level subjects. Because Wilson had such few friends, it would make sense that he would turn to Tom for comfort when his beloved wife, Myrtle, was struck and killed by an automobile. It was information given to Wilson by Tom in that exchange of comfort that set this spark of events into a full-blown inferno. Tom relayed to Wilson that the car that had struck his wife was that belonging to Jay Gatsby. Based on this exchange of information, it can be decided that Tom Buchanan is the individual at fault in this case. He had had some issues with Gatsby just earlier that day, leaving them both enraged. If Tom had meant to harm Gatsby by telling Wilson this information, then he is completely at fault, and if he hadn’t meant to harm Gatsby, then he is still…show more content…
At the very beginning of the novel, an affair between Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson is introduced. This affair led to the fight that broke out between Myrtle and Wilson that led to her eventual death. The fight seemed to be stemmed from a string of pearls Myrtle was wearing, which was quite unusual for her because the Wilsons lived above a struggling auto repair shop. This string of pearls was obviously given to her by Tom Buchanan. The fight escalated and Myrtle ran outside, waving down the yellow car that she saw Tom driving earlier. As she ran into the middle of the street, expecting the vehicle to slow down, it instead struck her and left her dead. When Tom heard about this tragedy, he knew that now there was no way he could ever tell Wilson what had been going on between him and Myrtle, even if he wasn’t ever planning on telling him. The fight that broke out between the Wilsons was because of the affair that Wilson knew Myrtle was having, although he didn’t know who. Tom was smart enough to infer that Wilson had knowledge of the affair. So, he kept more of the truth. He kept his mouth closed about his affair with Myrtle, making sure that Wilson wouldn’t turn this horrid situation around on him, although he had instigated it. Tom manipulated an emotionally inept man into thinking him a hero, when in fact he was the one who had created

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