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OJ Simpson Trial Coverage By: Alyssa R. A wild car chase, two corpses and a celebrity suspect are the perfect recipe for media entertainment. The United States tuned into the memorable trial of OJ Simpson and his charges of maliciously murdering his ex-wife and her friend. The media coverage affected the legal proceedings and verdict. How you may ask is a simple answer, tampered evidence and witnesses. After the death of Nicole Brown Simpson, her sister appeared on television to express her thoughts and inputs of her sister’s death. After selling her story, she was then unable to be used as evidence because she was on the media and considered tampered evidence. The trial would have had a whole other outcome if some situations were to outcome differently. Some of the major reasons for OJ to walk free were the lack of evidence to prove him guilty. Two years before Simpson was convicted, Rodney King was severely beaten by the Los Angeles Police Department. He was African American and was attacked by white policemen. Many of the residents that were African American felt that the Los Angeles police victimized them due to the color of their skin. They had full support of OJ when he went to trial. Race played a huge role in this trial. The majority of the jury was African American. Two were white and there was one Hispanic. The jury was sequestered and hidden from the public and media. The trial lasted for sixteen months and the jury was resulted in a motion of not guilty. Many think that one man changed the outcome of the trial. Mark Fuhrman, a key witness, was dismissed after lying in front of the jury and presenting false evidence. Mark Fuhrman was a racist who hated mixed race couples. Fuhrman pleads the Fifth Amendment twice to calling African Americans a nigger and to planting evidence at Simpson’s home. The media had a field day after Fuhrman plead the

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