Mind of a Serial Killer

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The Mind of a Serial Killer To explain the phenomenon of a serial killer is an impossible task. The mind of a killer is unique, and so different from other types of killers. My Article on serial killers is written by Barbara C. Wolf and Wendy A. Lavezzi. The title of the article is, “Paths to Destruction: The Lives and Crimes of Two Serial Killers*” and it describes the thoughts behind a serial killer. The article is published by Forensic Science in January 2007 volume number 52. The article talks about the reasons and the thoughts behind serial killers, and how they contrast with the media. Also how the “serial killers frequently do not fit the initially described paradigm in terms of their physical and psychological profiles, backgrounds, and motives to kill… of their crimes”(abst. line 2). To help explain their reasoning of a serial killers mind, Wolf and Lavezzi provide two cases of serial killers to analyze. Case one describes the serial killer Gary Evans, a white 43 year old man. Out of South Troy, NY, Evans had a bad reputation with law enforcement. Evans’ main priors had to do with the robbery of antiques, a small offence compared to serial killing. He had a group of close friends that he would commit robberies with, and when three of them went missing in 13 years Evans was thought to be involved with their disappearances. Evans was very intelligent as a child, but wasn’t very interested in school; however he completed high school and some college level courses. His parents were both alcoholics, but it didn’t seem to affect him too much. He still had a social life, with girlfriends and charisma, and he wasn’t a total outcast. Evans’ first known murder was at the age 30, he confessed to murdering his three friends, and was put in jail. He would always carry a handcuff key with him wherever he went because he could not stand the fact of

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