Running with Scissors

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Running Head: RUNNING WITH SCISSORS 1 A Report Of The Most Messed Up Movie Ever: Running With Scissors Megan Gordon Lone Star University Park RUNNING WITH SCISSORS 2 This is going to be a report discussing some of the ethical and unethical attributes I noticed while watching the movie Running With Scissors. The report will also contain my own personal opinion regarding the film. I will also do my best to include the different psychological disorders noticed in the film. RUNNING WITH SCISSORS 3 A Report Of The Most Messed Up Movie Ever: Running With Scissors Let me begin by stating that this was the worst film that I have ever viewed. It was confusing, long, extremely messed up and held all of two maybe three ethical factors. Twenty minutes into the movie, I nearly shut it off and was going to take a zero for the grade. I refuse to ever watch this movie again, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone. The first Unethical thing noticed is Agustin’s mother keeps him home from school often, then the way his parents talk and fight with each other in front of their son is absolutely ridiculous. Soon after his mother then SELLS her son to her ‘Psychiatrist”. Which I have no Idea how he has kept his license. Ever person he ‘helped’ always ended up worse. The doctor took advantage of his patients and stole their money. His home was a wreck, which no child should live in. Agustin and one of his ‘adopted sisters’ made a huge hole in the kitchen ceiling. Agustin is 14 and in a relationship with a 30 some odd year old man who has schizophrenia. Hope, one of the other ‘sisters’ trapped and starved her cat. Almost all of the doctor’s family, including himself must have had some sort of psychological disorder. Agustin at the age of 15 goes on a bus by himself to start a new life in Ney York, and both him and his RUNNING WITH
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