Rhetorical Analysis Of Using Laws To Save Us From Ourselves

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Amitai Etzioni, in the passage,” Using Laws to Save us From Ourselves”, argues that individuals should not make up their own mind to follow the law or not. The author supports his argument by giving examples of what could happen if people don’t follow the law. The author’s purpose is to persuade people to respect the laws that are given to us and keep others safe. The authors tone is persuasive and formal for the readers of the passage. In 1977, Etzioni believed we should have limitations because if one person can not respect the law it might risk the lives of others. His idea of “public goods” are valuable today because his words might help people realize the danger that could happen to them if they can not honor the laws. Etzioni’s reasons to believe there should be limitations on individuals’ freedom to make choices about how they act as he wrote,” individual…act irresponsibly is usually playing a game of heads I win, tails the public loses,” in other words its most likely a 50/50 chance the individual will lose or the public will. the individual will…show more content…
But these arguments ignore the fact that in those days public needs an dindivdual rights might have been minimal. Peole did not really care about the rights we had they always decided to do their own things and ignore the consequences orn the damages. The authors idea about “public goods” and private choices are valuable today because it will help people realize the damage they will be causing the society. Polluting a lake or river or air may not effect use directly but it might effect the future generations. It destroys a good that all of us benefit, our public goods are entitled to protection. If people do
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