Individuals Of Age Should Be Committed To A Hospital

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Drug addicts and alcoholics should not involuntarily be committed to a hospital for assessment and treatment. All individuals have the right to self-determination and their personal autonomy to live their life the way they choose should always be respected. Individuals of age should have the liberty to decide what is best for them without government paternalistic interference. If interference is required because an individual’s actions harm others, legal actions should be taken to punish them lawfully by still respecting their rights. The idea of legal paternalism in ethical reasoning is somewhat of a kind gesture from the Government to try to help individuals from themselves in the assumption that those individuals do not know what is best for them. But, forcing individuals to paternalistic laws in order to protect them is limiting their natural born rights and is unconstitutional. The Government must respect people's choices because respecting individuals choices manifest a respect for them as liberated individuals protected by the constitution of the United States. Government should not interfere with people's personal lives; because…show more content…
When an individual puts others in danger because of their freedom they have abused their autonomy and should not be tolerated. If an individual’s drinking habits and drug addiction causes direct harm to other individual, their natural born rights should still be respected but they should be punished by the legal system. After being legally punished, if a drug addict or an alcoholic does not seek treatment and would like to maintain their current lifestyle, they should not have to be forced to get treatment. Just because someone is addicted to drugs or they are alcoholics does not essentially mean they are not capable of making rational decisions for

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