Should Civil Disobedience Be Justified?

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Why, if at all, might civil disobedience be justified? (30 marks). Civil Disobedience is when a faction of a society which is governed by popular consent believes that a new system of government or a change in the normal government is required. To this end the faction can/will either lawfully or unlawfully commit acts of rebellion/shows of resistance to the issue they object to. Locke believes that civil disobedience is justifiable if the government’s legitimate authority is questioned by the people, since he believes that we all consent to leaving the state of nature through a social contract with the Leviathan, a ruler or ruling body, which will ensure safety to all its subjects/citizens. This means that the people need to back the legitimacy of a government’s authority over them. If this doesn’t happen then civil disobedience is acceptable in a lockean ideology. This means that any form of civil disobedience is an show of lack of…show more content…
For example in Russia communist revolutionaries took control of Russia, which resulted in a confrontation between the communists and the army which led to deaths on both sides. But these consequences only occur if the civil disobedience is not lawful ie total revolution. If a lawful act of civil disobedience occurs then small changes may occur in a government system leading to a change in the social contract which may better it. In conclusion unlawful civil disobedience is wrong and unjustifiable but lawful acts of civil disobedience are acceptable as it allows for social contract that is agreed on by all members of a
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