Modern Day Engineering Ethics

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Engineering ethics is professional ethics, as opposed to personal morality. It sets the standards for professional practice, and is only learned in a professional school or in professional practice. In the course of fulfilling work obligation, engineers encounter various situations to which they are exposed to, potential temptations to overlook any ethical practices. ‘Halting a Dangerous Project’ this case was analyzed and discovered such ethical aspects as essentially was brought to the forefront. Liability, responsibility, risk, reliability and trust those are all what modern day engineering ethic demand that professionals in this sector uphold those principles. The action taken by Sam responsibility, which is necessitated by the potential of harm occurring to the public. Sam being the project leader for Alpha…show more content…
He took into account the current status quo between Eastern Europe and NATO countries leading to a cold war (Harris, Pritchard & Rabins 248). Also there was no guarantee given by European Eastern company regarding how they might end up being put to use or whom the devices will be sold to (Harris, Pritchard & Rabins 248). His action got him away from potential liability in case of future problems. There is a strong need for engineers to protect themselves from any events leading to undue liability for the risks taken, and while doing this, engineers should strive to uphold critical issues based on the social policy (Harris, Pritchard & Rabins 162). Even though this would imply Alpha Electronics receiving a $ 15,000 penalty for breaking the contract with the Eastern European company, Sam goes ahead with his plans (Harris, Pritchard & Rabins 248). He was never punished for his unilateral action leading to the halting of the production and received positive applause from all of his colleagues (Harris, Pritchard & Rabins
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