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PHARM Nursing care plan Student name Pharmacology Instructor name College name November 14, 2011 Introduction Pharmacology is an extensive science that has great importance in the medical field especially in nursing. The nursing process is an adaptable five step measure that ensures the delivery of quality care to patients (Lilley, Harrington, Snyder, Swart, 2011). When combined with the understanding of the principles of pharmacology, the professional nurse is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the highest potential therapeutic care for their patients (Lilley, Harrington, Snyder, Swart, 2011). This paper will discuss the care plan of Mr. Hur’s scenario providing subjective and objective data of his condition, as well as two nursing diagnosis, followed by interventions that are accompanied by rationales, and finally an evaluation of the clients status. Case Study Ben Hur is a client due to be released from the hospital three days after a total hip surgery. According to the information given, Mr. Hur is prescribed an anticoagulant for three weeks which would indicate that he is at risk for blood clotting, particularly deep vein thrombosis. The goal of the scenario is for Mr. Hur to perform self-administration of the medication safely before discharge. Hemostasis is the process of blood cessation caused by an injured blood vessel that is either accomplished by mechanical means (e.g., compressed) or surgical means (e.g., surgical clamping,) (Lilley, Harrington, Snyder, Swart, 2011). This process causes a clot called thrombus which is the insoluble solid substance of blood (fibrin threads) separating from the liquid (plasma) element of the blood (Lilley, Harrington, Snyder, Swart, 2011). Once the thrombus forms on the walls of the blood vessels, a portion of it may eject from the site becoming an embolus and travel through the blood stream
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