Nurse Practice Act of Ohio

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Writing Assignment 2.1: Nursing Practice Act The Nursing practice act provides people who have an interest in the nursing profession specialized knowledge, judgment and skills of nursing science. Some of the sciences involved with nursing are biology, physics, behavioral, and social. With the Registered Nursing license the nurse has a scope of practice, knowledge of the nursing process, the possibility of practicing advanced nursing and prescriptive privileges. As a student there are guidelines to obtain a license, activities that could lead to the loss of my license and the important use of continuing education credits. There are special requirements that nursing schools have to implement to have well educated students. Also there is an Ohio State Board of Nursing who regulates all of these requirements. Each nurse must know boundaries within their scope. A responsibility of a RN is to identify the patterns of human responses or health problems and to create a nursing regimen. The nurse must execute this process through selection, performance, management and evaluation of nursing actions. The nurse is responsible for assessing the health status of the patients. The RN is a provider for health counseling and teaching patients. The nurse is responsible for administering medications, treatments, and other health regimens that are ordered by a licensed provider. With the practice of the scope of RN, there are also standards that every RN needs to follow. Every RN follows the nursing process. The nurse follows standards of heath for the patient by preforming physical exams, asking health status questions, recognize change in health status, and communicating all information to the authorized health care provider. The nurse also has a role in collecting data and analyzes the proper nursing regimen that is needed. Also establishes and modifies a diagnosis or

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