The Dust Bowl

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Document A: Henderson 1) What type of document is this? When was it written? Why was it written? A letter. It was written July 26, 1935. It was written to explain the once very nourished land now has awful storms of dusts and no food. 2) According to Henderson, what are three changes that happened in Oklahoma during the 1910s and 1920s? What is her attitude about these changes? Throughout those years people began expanding causing more towns and trains and easier access to food and very supple land. 3) How does the author describe life in Oklahoma in 1935? What are two examples of how people experienced the Dust Bowl? People got up and left their homes and also had minimal food because the land that was once easy to farm…show more content…
inproper farming techniques and used every last resources causing the land to be barren. Document B: Svobida 1) Who wrote this document? When was it written? Why was it written? Lawrence svobida wrote this in 1940 describing first hand farming during the dust bowl 2) According to Svobida, how did the dust and wind affect crops? The strong winds ripped out the roots frm vthe ground and the topsoil exposing the hard subsoil 3) What exactly does Svobida mean by the phrase “power farming”? What would be the difference between traditional farming and “power farming”? Tractors and combines making it easy for them to start farming again 4) What, according to this Svobida, were two causes of the Dust Bowl? Free range and cattle caused the problem of the dust bowl 5) How is Svobida’s account similar to and different from Henderson’s letter? They both once had wonderful lush land to farm but then got progressively worse trying to farm food Document C: Government Report 1) What kind of document is this? When was it written? Why was it written? A letter written to the president on august 27,1936 by Morris
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