Theme of Jealousy in Othello

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William Shakespeare's Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice studies the results of passionate jealousy and resentment. Antagonist, Iago's raging jealousy fuels the whole plot, causing hate, ruining reputations and unnecessary deaths, until the plays tragic end. Main character, Othello chooses Michael Cassio for a job promotion instead of Iago, who feels he deserves that position rightfully. Iago feels threatened for not being Othello's number one choice in the promotion for lieutenant. (1.1.15-22). This promotion causes hate to harbor in Iago, igniting his bitterness towards not only Othello, but Cassio as well. Iago starts feeling inferior to Cassio's blissful life and intelligence, making himself feel worthless. These feeling put Cassio in key position in Iago's poisonous plan to get revenge on Othello. With suspicions and jealousy rising in Iago, he burns with thought that Othello could have gone to bed with his wife, Emilia. Iago's thoughts are far fetched but he flares with jealousy thinking of possibilities. Iago won't be satisfied till Othello feels the same envy, for his own wife Desdemona. (2.1.299-302). Iago uses lies and tricks to plant into Othello's head that his innocent wife has committed adultery."-beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-ey'd monster"(3.3.165-171).Iago tell this to Othello, Iago knows this better than anyone, but he doesn't take his own advice. Iago dose not stop until Othello feels the same overpowering jealousy that Iago feels. Iago sets Cassio up at the man Othello's wife Desdemona is sleeping with, destroying an innocent man's reputation. His skillful tactics of planting this plot expand throughout he whole play into much larger issues. Othello in a fit of rage and jealousy orders that Michael Cassio be killed, because of is dishonestly and adultery with Desdemona. Iago persuades his ally Roderigo to kill

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