Omeo and Juliet Is a Warning Against Hastily Made Decisions Essay

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Romeo and Juliet is a warning against hastily made decisions. Discuss. William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ explores the story of two lovers whose lives are destined to end due to a series of hastily made decision. The hasty decisions made by Romeo, Juliet and the Friar ultimately propelled the “two star-crossed lover” to take their lives in an untimely death. Impetuous and rash decisions that have unavoidable consequences for both Romeo and Juliet are the reason for their eventual, tragic demise. Romeo and Juliet’s rash decision to marry after one alacritous meeting was the first of many hasty actions that lead them to their deaths. Romeo proposed to his “loathed enemy”, the daughter of his fathers rival, Lord Capulet. This was the first of many rash decisions made on his behalf. However, Romeo is not solely at fault. Juliet is able to see that Romeos proposition is “…too rash, too unadvised, too sudden”, but fails to reject it in hopes of an eventual excepting response from her family. Friar Laurence is also staggered by Romeos request that he marry them, however, after consideration he explains, “For this alliance may so happy prove. To turn your households' rancor to pure love.” Without looking at the possible consequences the Friar’s impetuous choice to marry Romeo and Juliet, fundamentally precipitates the lovers to their deaths. Arguably, haste’s negative consequences only begin after Romeo and Juliet have been married. Mercutio’s death, caused by his overbearing chauvinistic personality and his need to defend Romeos diminishing family honor ultimately cost him his life. Romeo feels as if he needs to avenge Mercutio’s death, reacting with, “fire-eyed fury be my conduct now… Either thou or I, or both, must go with him.” Expressing his injudicious and imprudent plan to kill Tybalt. Romeo goes ahead with his vengeful killing, failing to realize the

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