Essay On Dress And Deportment

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The Importance of Dress and Deportment Dress and deportment within the context of application for Canadian Forces members can be broken down into two schools of thought, both leading to the same end goal of what is expected of a soldier by the public, the chain of command, and the military as a whole. Dress, in itself, is based loosely upon the idea of “dress for success” which has its place in every workplace, regardless of the employee, but is especially important when it comes to the way we, as soldiers in the Canadian Forces, represent not just ourselves but the trade we belong to, the branch, our co-workers, superiors and ultimately the Canadian Forces as a whole. Deportment, simply put, is the manner in which one carries themselves and how they behave whether it is within the workplace or on their personal time since every member has to be aware of what is expected of them. No matter the situation, how a person is dressed is noticed by others; when a Canadian Forces member is in uniform, the amount of effort put into achieving the standard set for level of dress is almost always immediately apparently. For a member to dress for success, it allows them to be a member who can demonstrate to their peers and chain of command that they are willing to put the time in to get the work done, they pay attention to detail, and they…show more content…
It is important for a Canadian Forces member to carry themselves with dignity, behave and speak accordingly, treat others with respect and remember that while out in uniform (regardless of base or civilian side) that member can be the difference in another person’s attitude towards the military for better or for
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