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Profession of Arms (ARMY) Name: Institution: Profession of Arms (ARMY) What it means to be a Profession Being a profession means that one has to conduct themselves in a manner to suggest they understand and comprehend what they want, and what they are doing in a manner to suggest uniqueness. Effectiveness is the code by which professions live by, and it is through this that their services can be rendered without any hitches. Study and practice are the two most crucial elements that are required by individuals to become professions, which imply that a moral obligation lies in a profession and all the professionals that surround the said vocation (Student Handout, 2010). This is what society dictates, and as a professional, it is the duty…show more content…
It is a code by which most of them carry on even as they perform their duties and tasks in the Army. Times of need are what help in shaping the army’s culture, and assist them in becoming more than just an institution that is meant to serve and protect. The attitudes, feelings, and emotions are what help in distinguishing this institution’s culture from all others, making it what it needs to be in order to get things done (Student Handout, 2010). The HR Sergeant’s Role in the Army Profession In the army, the HR sergeant’s role is to establish a relationship with the professional in all the fields present for various reasons. The main one is to ensure that all the professionals in the field are focused on the tasks at hand. This means that all members of the Army are not distracted while performing their duties in the field. It is also the task and responsibility of the HR sergeant to ensure that everyone follows the strict code of conduct that rules the Army (Field Manual, 2010). This means that all codes of ethics and moral codes that the Army is required to follow while performing their duties are in line with the Army’s code of conduct, and the military rule. In doing so, the HR sergeant is carefully placing the Army members’ trust in his/her hands, which means they are at liberty to defend their country without any distractions, doubt, or worry (Student Handout,

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