Profession of Arms

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Profession of Arms Profession is defined as an occupation which requires specialized expertise and continual education in a particular area of duty. Professionals are those individuals who through study, training, and constant practice maintain both the trust of society as a whole and the necessary expertise to continue to serve. Profession of Arms is a practice of the United States Army which has been around since the early militia days of our country. The U.S Army employs multiple levels of training, certification, and study to continue the Profession of Arms as an entirety. The Army serves under civilian authority that trusts the Army to defend the American people and their Constitutional rights. As a direct result of serving the people, soldiers must maintain and adhere to high ethical and moral standings. Soldiers must encompass the belief the individual is called to duty and not simply a paycheck. They must desire the need to lead others and be professional. Profession of Arms has five key elements which are used to continue the profession of the military force. Expertise, trust, development, values, and service are essential to the maintenance of Profession of Arms. Each element is important to themselves, but as a whole develops the military into a prolonged profession over decades. Though Profession of Arms has not been persistent through time, it has been cyclical through the growth and development of the United States Army. In times of war the military has been a constant profession of voluntarism. In times of peace, the United States Army has been an organization of professionals who continually develop and train. Expertise is one of the most important elements of Profession of Arms and the military as a whole. Expertise is defined as a special skill or knowledge. Within the United States military this applies to the ethical

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