Military Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Military Ethics Awareness Inventory Abstract This week’s team assignment was to find an organization and discuss how this organization differs or is the same ethically as other organizations. The team chose Harold’s Military experience with the Army and how ethical behaviors affect each individual soldier both professionally and personally. This paper discusses some of the Military and Army values and how unethical decisions or misconduct can affect an organization such as the Army. Military Ethics Awareness Inventory Ethics in the United States Army are very important including principles of conduct, behavior, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. An obligation of every Soldier is to protect the Constitution of the United States, fulfill one’s obligations as a citizen, and comply with local, state, and federal laws. Every Soldier must keep in mind the best interest of the Army when conducting personal and official business. Knowing the difference to conduct oneself both on and off-duty and preserve personal and organization’s values is important for every soldier to practice. Personal values are among the most important value that the military possess. Personal values drive the military in so many ways and differences that at any moment situations may arise to give different impressions. For instance, within the present generation almost every adult citizen uses a cell phone for either personal or work use. Most thoughts about usage of cell phones are the phone belongs to one person and they use it how they feel is appropriate. Many organizations have constraints of personal cell phones. However, the military has certain authorizations that go hand in hand with a one’s personal values and making an ethical decision. For example, while a soldier is using his or her personal cell phone they cannot allow the phone to interfere adversely

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