Short Story 'The Strangers That Came To Town'

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Freedom Essay Some people think that having freedom in a country is a good thing, and other people think it’s a bad thing. Either people can do good things with their freedom or bad things with it. In his short story, “The Strangers that Came to Town”, Ambrose Flack is showing that true freedom is about be accepted. People are accepted in Canada by choosing who governs, being able to speak without fear, and being able to worship in your own way. Firstly, Flack says, “. . . free to choose those who shall govern my country.” Canada is a democracy which means the government allows citizens to have a say in what happens in the country. One way to allow the citizens to do that, is vote for who they want to run their country, as long as you are over 18 and a Canadian citizen. Also, not everywhere has the ability to do this. Canada wanted to make people feel accepted by having things the people’s way and, the government wants people involved. The government wanted all citizens to be involved so that they had a say and were accepted and happy with how things…show more content…
. . free to worship in my own way”. Canada wants people to be able to worship in their own way and don’t want to make people have to drop their traditional ways. They want everyone of ever religion to be accepted in Canada, they don’t want to exclude people because of their religion. They want everyone to be seen and accepted as who they are, and don’t want them to have to change that jus to be accept in the country; everyone is accepted. Overall, being able to chose who governs the country, being able to speak without fear, and being able to worship in your own way, are some ways that show that freedom is all about being accepted. Being accept is probably one of the most important things for anyone in any country, and it helps you achieve freedom. We must accept everyone and respect freedom of everyone in the society. This way we can enjoy our freedom throughout our

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