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Accountability In this essay I will be talking about why accountabillty is so important. There are many reason why this is so. Some are more important then others. But they all play an important part in the structure of the military. The military is all about good order and disipline. And this is just one of the many things that is set in place so as to check that good order and disipline is in place. No matter it you are the lowest ranking person or the President of the Unitied States. Everyone has to abide by this standard, no exceptions. The importance of accountability, is being on time and in the right place and the right uniform . The main reason we have formations and that we are trying to keep account of personnel to know where…show more content…
Because knowing a soliders where about could possibility save his/her soliders life. Thats why in doing so it makes sure that everybody is on the same page at the same time in order to do that you have to follow orders that were given to you. I may have made mistakes but the army also teaches us that we are a family. NCO's are here to inforce the standard not to babysit. Its their job to uphold and make sure the soliders under them are held to the standard. I understand why accountability is such a huge deal in the military. Not being where u should be can cuz others to work harder to pick up the the extra work that you should be doing. There could be something going on at the unit that all soliders need to attend and missing one person could cause others to suffer. Or like the incident that happen back in Nov. 2009 on ft. hood. Where A solider opened fire on other soliders and civilians. In cases like that accountability is extremly inportant. Because if u can't be found it causes people to worry and think the worst. Just because you weren't on time or not in the right place. Just like being deployed. When you are over seas this is

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