Oakdale Administrator Case Study

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Case Study Critique of “Oakdale Administrator Case” Courtney Lyles PADM 501 / Dr. Corrine Bates Liberty University September 13, 2015 INTRODUCTION The “Oakdale Administrator Case” examines the topics of decision making, ethics, and financial management in a political context. In this response to the case study, I will identify the important facts of the “Oakdale Administrator Case,” including background information, main characters, and the problem presented in the case study. Next, I will discuss decisions that were made in the case study, and I will state my opinion on whether I believed those decisions were appropriate or inappropriate. Later, I will examine alternative solutions to the problem based on decisions made in similar cases. Finally, in a section called “Conclusion,” I will discuss the role of ethics in decision making. FACTS Oakdale is a state-chartered municipality with a population of 5,000 citizens, most of whom are considered lower middle class. The surrounding municipalities consider Oakdale to be an “eyesore,” because of the city’s “worn-out central business district and drab-looking neighborhoods” (Cropf & Giancola & Lewis, 2012, p. 80). Because of this, citizens elected Ernie Hoffnagel…show more content…
The same approach was taken by the city of Hawthorne when members of the City Council fired former Hawthorne City Manager Michael Goodson because he “…skirted city labor contracts by hiring workers without screening for job openings that were never publicly noted,” as well as “…lied to his bosses on the City Council about a $3 million budget deficit…and attempting to cover up this year’s projected deficit” (Mazza, 2015). In both cases, the only way to stop the city from being put farther in debt was to remove the City Administrator from their position and find a

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