Carson Manor Case Study

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1. What would be your analysis of the current situation? (4 pts) The current situation at Carson Manor is that they have continually had problems relating to budgeting and cost control, and the council which funds them now wants to get to the root of the problems. They’ve asked for, based on the recommendations of an internal report, an outside consulting company to offer proposals as to how they would methodically go about their research; the chosen company will be based on the cost of their study and the expected savings that come from their recommendations, as well as previous experiences and references. 2. What are the basic issues? (Please list at least 4 and explain each with one sentence) (6 pts) The key issue seems to be cost, first and foremost. Carson Manor’s costs were approximately 14% higher than state averages on a per-bed basis, something which clearly needs to be addressed. Another key issue is the bureaucracy within the structure of the command chain; there is a convoluted hierarchy and this could have a negative impact on the efficiency of operations for Carson Manor as decisions take a long time and there may be a lack of responsibility as there are many groups and boards which make decisions, rather than an individual manager which may be the case at a private institution. There hasn’t been a form of classification of care requirements for patients, therefore the facility isn’t being as efficient as it could and in fact the report seems to indicate that the level of care currently available isn’t at the level which patients require. Another issue is the cost of the study to take place and the actual practicalities of the implementation of new strategies to aid problem areas. 3. Which consultant should be recommended for the Carson Manor Study? Please justify your choice (10 pts) I believe that the Carson Manor Study should be

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