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Running head: CanGo Final Report CanGo Final Report Advantage Plus Consulting Services Prepared for: Professor David Mozinski Prepared by: Tonya Blevins Sydney Coleman Brent Currie Glen Ferry Tina Foster DeVry University BUSN 460 Senior Project October 23, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2. SWOT ANALYSIS 4 3. MARKET ANALYSIS 6 4. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 7 5. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 10 6. STRATEGIC PLANNING 11 7. CONCLUSION 17 8. REFERENCES 19 CANGO FINAL REPORT ADVANTAGE PLUS CONSULTING SERVICES 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Elizabeth Bennett, who sought to break into the lucrative and booming world of ecommerce, founded CanGo in 2006. Over the proceeding years CanGo would establish itself as a regional online success story, providing customers with the opportunity to purchase books, music, videos and games in an online environment. As the country became consumed by an economic crisis, CanGo somehow managed to sustain its success by providing customers with affordable options for entertainment. In this way, CanGo was able to capture a mass market of a variety of segmented consumers. Despite CanGo’s initial success, however, the organization is not without its fair share of concerns. The primary issue with CanGo is that it lacks a formal strategic business plan. The company has also failed to clearly define what its short-term goals and long-term goals are and how it plans to go about realizing those goals. The company also has problems with its current organizational structure. Although roles are clearly defined, CanGo often succumbs to a centralized form of decision-making, with Elizabeth Bennett micromanaging to such a degree that the decision-making process almost becomes paralyzed. Poor communication has also proven to be an issue at CanGo, resulting in staff members unclear in terms of goals and

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