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Communication Plan Team A BUS/475 May 6, 2013 Rick Taylor BUS475 LTA Communication plan What is a communication plan? The Community Tool Box (2013) states, “Communication is the process of transmitting ideas and information. Conveying the true nature of your organization, the issues it deals with, and its accomplishments to the community.” ASAE Communications (2013) states “A communication plan is a written document describing what needs accomplished (objectives), ways objectives can be accomplished (goals or program of work), to whom communications will be addressed (audiences), how to accomplish objectives (the tools and timetable) and how to measure the results (evaluation).” It continues with, “Communications include…show more content…
2). Every stakeholder has a different interest in the company well-being. Internal stakeholders are the organization stockholders and owners. They request proper return on their investments. In addition, stockholders have the right to inspect the company books, and elect the board of directors. Employees are internal stakeholders who look for economic, social, and psychological job satisfaction. Employees seek freedom to join the union and satisfactory working…show more content…
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