Cango Swot Analysis

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Problem: CanGo has never prepared a SWOT analysis. This can lead to poor decision making and ineffective goal determination. Solution: Prepare a SWOT analysis which shows the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are often internal factors while opportunities and threats are external. CanGo needs to do a SWOT analysis in order to identify where they are strong and where they are vulnerable. To do a SWOT analysis CanGo needs to ask themselves the following for each section: STRENGTHS: What advantages do we have? What do we do better than anyone else? What unique or lowest-cost resources can we draw upon that others can't? What do people in their market see as our strengths? Examples of CanGo’s strengths are: cost advantage, cohesive workforce, pricing, online growth and market share leadership. WEAKNESSES: What could we improve? What should we avoid? What are people in our market likely to see as weaknesses? What factors lose us sales? Examples of CanGo’s weaknesses are: bad communication, no clear strategic plan, weak management team, low R&D and poor decision making. OPPORTUNITIES: What good opportunities can we spot? What interesting trends are we aware of? Examples of CanGo’s opportunities are: large variety of online content, product and services expansion and emerging markets and expansion abroad THREATS: What obstacles do we face? What are our competitors doing? Is changing technology threatening our position? Do we have bad debt or cash-flow problems? Could any of our weaknesses seriously threaten our business? Examples of CanGo’s threats are: lack of clear performance goals, ineffective employee evaluation, competition from other online companies and cash-flow problems. ( After identification of each

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