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CanGo Final Analysis Report Week 8 Sun Enterprise Prepared for: William Lair Senior Project BUSN-460-17205 Prepared by: Natasha Aya Nita Booker Douglas Cousins Moses Elijah-Hon Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. SWOT Analysis 4 III. Market Analysis 5 IV. Market Strategies 5 V. Competitive Analysis 6 VI. Gantt Chart 7 VII. Cause-and-Effect Chart 8 VIII. Financial Analysis 9 IX. Strategic Planning 14 X. Recommendations 15 XI. Conclusion 16 XII. References 17 XIII. Appendix A 18 I. Executive Summary This report provides an evaluation and analysis of the CanGo and the profitability of Online Gaming. We have included marketing strategies as well as strategic plans to expand the company. The methods that were used in our research include a SWOT analysis, marketing analysis, competitive analysis and various financial ratios such as profitability ratio and activity ratio. Other financial ratios include current and quick ratios as well as debt and equity ratios. Located in Appendix A is a financial ratio chart for Amazon. As a result of our analysis, we observed the fact that CanGo lacks communication within the organization, poor management structure and limited knowledge of the systems. Other issues that we observed were the lack of resources needed in order to expand the company and invest in Online Gaming. CanGo is a company that has experienced record growth over the years and continues to put fourth effort to expand by considering investing in the Online Gaming industry. The video game industry is poised to reach $70.1 billion in revenue by 2015. This report evaluates CanGo as well as the Online Gaming industry and concludes that it would be ideal for CanGo to proceed with the Online Gaming venture. It is our

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