The Orion Shield Project

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THE ORION SHIELD PROJECT AMBA 640 9043 Krystle Hutton Executive Summary A project manager can face many obstacles during one project. The Orion Shield Project case is an example of the challenges that take place in project management, what produces them and what they can do to deal with them. It exhibits some practices that must and should not be implemented when completing a project successfully. The issues faced in this case are ethical, technical, legal, and contractual which bring problems in staffing, improper balance in administrative and technical roles, which has to do with planning/organization, and communication. Gary Allison, the project manager of the Orion Shield Project, has trouble with Henry Larsen, the director of engineering. Who continuously interferes in Gary’s project and encourages unethical behavior such as: lying in a proposal and keeping information from the customer, Space Technologies Industries, STI, and project team. Gary needed to fully read the contract for the project to be aware of all the requirements. Gary also ends up having to settle for adequate staff and even has key personnel taken off the project and replaced by an inexperienced member. Gary struggles to balance his administrative and technical roles, not keeping track of everything going on in all aspects of the project due to insufficient planning, and also lack of communication. Solutions are provided for three of the issues, unethical behavior promoted by Henry Larsen, communication and planning/organization. Gary Allison is also given a critique on his job as the project manager. Introduction In project management, many challenges can occur during a project. It is up to the project manager to make sure all processes and knowledge areas are covered and organized. When the project manager is inexperienced and without top management commitment, a projects success

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