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THE ORION SHIELD PROJECT ANALYSIS Week 8 Individual Assignment Executive Summary Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) made the decision to enter the bidding for Phase I of the Orion Shield Project. The Director of Engineering, Henry Larsen, made the decision to hire an “inexperienced” engineer as the Project Manager. As a result, Gary Allison, an engineer, was assigned the role of Project Manager. At the time, Mr. Allison did not have any prior experience as a project manager, but had over a decade of Project Engineering experience. During the course of the bidding process, it became evident that Mr. Larsen had an ulterior motive for selecting Mr. Allison. Mr. Larsen was accustomed to making unethical business decisions and wanted to select someone who could be easily managed and persuaded. This analysis identifies and discusses the technical, ethical, legal, contractual and project management issues Gary Allison faced as Project Manager of the Orion Shield Project. Mr. Allison’s inexperience became evident when he spent the majority of his time doing research rather than properly managing his resources. Cost overruns and delays with project milestones were the direct result of Mr. Larsen and Gary Allison’s inability to effectively manage the project. Customer relations were damaged by decisions that were made by Henry Larsen. For a project of this magnitude, and to ensure the triple constraints (schedule, cost, and scope) were effectively managed, an experienced Project Manager should have been selected to lead this initiative. Furthermore, an experienced Project Manager would have seen the benefits of negotiating for a cost-reimbursable contract versus a fixed-price contract. Executive level managers should have set the expectations and clearly distinguished SEC’s business and ethical practices for their employees. Scientific Engineering

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