The Orion Shield Project Essay

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I. The Orion Shield Project Gary Allison accepted a position at Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) soon after graduating with a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering. Over the last 14 years he established a reputation as a respected and talented project engineer. Everything changed once he accepted a position as Project Manager on the Orion Shield Project. "This is impossible! Just totally impossible! Ten months ago I was sitting on top of the world. Upper-level management considered me one of the best, if not the best engineer in the plant. Now look at me! I have bags under my eyes, I haven't slept soundly in the last six months, and here I am, cleaning out my desk. I'm sure glad they gave me back my old job in engineering. I guess I could have saved myself a lot of grief and aggravation had I not accepted the promotion to project manager." II. Project Proposal Henry Larsen, the director of engineering, called Gary into his office. “Gary, I just heard that Space Technology will be putting out an RFP for Orion Shield by the end of this month with a thirty-day response time. I've been waiting a long time for this to come along so I can experiment with some ideas of my own. This is going to be my baby all the way, and I want you to head up the proposal team. It has to be an engineer. I'll make sure that you get a good proposal manager. If we start working now, we can get close to two months of research in. That'll give us a month's edge on everyone else.” Gary was pleased to be involved in such an effort. He had no trouble getting functional support for the R&D effort necessary to put together a technical proposal. All of the functional managers continually remarked to Gary "This must be a biggy. The director of engineering has thrown all of his support behind you." On December 2, the RFP was received. Gary identified one trouble area. The technical

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