Orion Shield Project

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Executive Summary Henry Larsen, the director of engineering at Scientific Engineering Corporation, offered employee Gary Allison, a position as Project Manager on the Orion Shield Project. Gary reluctantly accepted this position. Throughout the life cycle of the Orion Shield Project Gary made many mistakes in the area of the project management. He also did some things well, although these were very few. This report will focus on the Technical, Ethical, Legal, Contractual, and many other issues Gary encountered throughout the life of the project. The report will identify the specific issues and discuss how Gary could have handled the situations better. Ethical Issues Ethics are a “set of principles that guide our decision-making based on personal of values of what is “right” and “wrong” (Schwalbe, p. 23).” Space Technology Industries (STI) specified that all components should operate at a temperature of 65-145 degrees Fahrenheit. The current Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) design won’t function about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Henry Larsen, the director of Engineering at SEC suggested to Gary that he state in the final proposal to STI that the design, in fact, does meet the temperature specification and that the design will be operative in a temperature up to 155 degrees F just to please them. However, in the field of project management, it is always important to open and honest with the customer. Gary ended up taking Larsen’s advice when he should have followed up with his ethical concerns. Taking his concerns to a higher level of management would have been the correct approach in dealing with this ethical issue. Gary should have also referred to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which states in section 4.3.1 that project managers are to “proactively and fully disclose any real or potential conflicts of

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