Workforce Planning At Cameco

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Workforce Planning at Cameco 3. Discuss the major internal and external influences that are likely to require Cameco to review its workforce plans constantly to ensure it can meet its objectives. A workforce plan is a strategy set out by the business that forecasts the amount and type of employees that the company will need to employ to maintain or increase productivity. Internal A key internal influence is the type of employees that the company needs, Cameco review highly skilled workers in order to be able to offer a good service. If the company has low skilled employees than they will not be making the most out of their assets because there will be more wastage in production, this can result in an increase in the amount being able to provide to the public. If production levels fall then the company will make less money because they will not be able to see as much to the public as they could if they did have highly skilled workers. Therefore it is important to review the workforce plan constantly to understand when more highly skilled workers will be needed. External The fact that the current market has a global shortage of mining professionals does cause a problem to the company’s long term projects. This is because the company will need highly skilled workers to maximise production without a large range to choose from. If there are not enough highly skilled workers it can again lead to a lack of productivity and the company may not be able to reach their long term objectives which will require a highly skilled workforce. By constantly monitoring the workforce plan and updating it the company has a better knowledge of what type of employees they need, this can be key due to the lack of skilled professionals because they will not spend money on highly employees who they do not need. One major internal influence is the fact that Cameco work in

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