Hardball: How Politics Is Played Told by the One Who Knows the Game

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Hardball: How Politics Is Played Told By The One Who Knows The Game Hardball by Chris Matthews is a book comprised of strategies, tips, and tricks to get on top in not only politics but also in any other element of life. Throughout the book he states the main objective of the chapter and then supports it with historical, relevant, and most importantly, understandable details which makes this book very enlightening. After reading Hardball the fourteen maxims appear not only in politics but throughout daily life. One of the biggest battles politician face is against the media. The media is not always completely truthful about information it publishes, especially on touchy subjects which the general public just eats up. This brings up one of Matthew’s fourteen maxims; the press is the enemy. One of the newest sex scandals involving a former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, deals with the downward spiral that’s created when scandalous subjects are leaked into the media. Anthony Weiner sent a sexual photograph publicly over the popular social media site Twitter, to a young female follower. Once the press got a hold of it Weiner quickly dined it, but then realized that the storm had already come. The media had blown up his catastrophe over all sources of media. Upon further thought he admitted publicly that he sent the photo and apologized. “Weiner acknowledged at a news conference … that he had lied in previously saying that he had not sent any photos” (MIGA). He realized the impact the media left on his reputation and could not go back to his job. The media took a mighty blow at Anthony Weiner, overall causing his demise in congress which exemplifies Matthew’s maxim that the press is the enemy. In this case the press was not only the enemy but the cold hand of death that killed the image of Anthony Wiener. All politics is local, simply but truthfully stated

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