How Media Bias Affects Politics

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How Media Bias Affects Politics I want to document the effects of political biases in the media. There is a bias in the news media outlets such as MSNBC, CNN, FOX news, etc. Not only are they biased but some of them are activists pushing for a political agenda. The news media with liberal biases definitely outnumber the conservative bias not just on TV but as social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube grow, we are seeing more and more liberal bias from younger people. The media have a tremendous power in setting cultural guidelines and in shaping political discourse. Some biases come across subtly and some come across very bluntly. I'm going to show you how to detect bias in the media. Some of the things to consider is how does the journalist/host present arguments? Are they mostly one sided, or are there alternative points of view? Does the host or journalist give ample time for both sides to present their argument? Or does the speaker abruptly interrupt an opposing viewpoint to get his/her favored viewpoint to win? What you typically might see is journalists will cut short an opposing viewpoint, and they might say things like "we're out of time" or "we have to go to a commercial break." The three things that control TV media in the US is first and foremost the ratings/viewers, second is the advertisers/sponsors, and corporate owners also have a significant influence on the type of media aired. Ever since the inventions of the printing press, radio, and the first televised debate between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon, politics has never been the same. Many efforts have been tried to correct this political bias in the media today but bias will always be at the root of every news organization. One of the major drivers of political bias in the media is technology and freedom of the press. In the old days before we had televisions and internet, we

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