West Virginia Chemical Spill Analysis

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West Virginia Chemical Spill Effecting Our Environment Industrialization has greatly impacted our Earth. In the article Federal Grand Jury Investigates West Virginia Chemical Spill, the authors, Drew Griffin and David Fitzpatrick, emphasize the damage the chemical spill did to our planet. Many people were left with no water to use and the environment was greatly damaged by the spill. Chemical plants allow our society to develop some service such as water, electricity or disposal services. Conversely, Chemical plants can contaminate the pure water or create harmful diseases to humans and the Earth. The West Virginia chemical spill demonstrates the dangers chemical plants pose to our environment, and it is important to understand the devastating…show more content…
Once the spill occurred the economy face a drop in its growth. The chemical plant was placed on probation until the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) could figure out a solution to this problem. Placing the company on probation put many employers on leave until the company started up again. According to Ap’s website “Virtually every restaurant was closed Saturday, unable to use water to prepare food, wash dishes or clean employees' hands. Meanwhile, hotels had emptied and foot traffic was down at many retail stores.” People were loosing money because of the spill. The economy faced a drop in their financial balance. Many people left the county in order to find a place they could utilize water. Other people felt as if they were trapped in their own homes because several of the restaurants were closed. Even though the Chemical Plant boosts up the economy, once the spill occurred it created dramatic drop financially and…show more content…
The West Virginia Chemical spill had occurred several times before. The government is not looking at the safety of the citizens and only at how the chemical spill could bring profit to the economy. The government was also the one to shut down all schools in the regions because they were concerned of the safety of the children. But they only shut down the school for a day because they could not afford to loose any more money in the economy then they already did. The government stated, “All business and government offices will reopen Monday.” That is a day after the chemical spill. The government worries about the economy dropping financially and is forcing all business to reopen. The government also ordered EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to evaluate the problem and come up with a solution. Many officials stated that they were only looking to place a “Band-Aid” on the problem. They want to reopen the plant as soon as possible but only temporally fix the problem. The government needs to look at the safety of the employers and the citizens that are being affected by this spill and find a solution that would benefit the people rather then the economic financial

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