How Does Diversity Affect Counselling Relationship

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Unit 4 2.1 2.2 2.3 * Assess how diversity impacts on the counselling relationship * Analyse examples from own experience where you have encountered issues of difference / diversity * Evaluate how awareness of diversity has impacted on own development and application of counselling skills Diversity is an important factor to consider in a helping relationship, we are all completely different and unique. As counsellors we need to accept people for who they are, and no matter what they may have done. Being diverse in our thought and thinking patterns helps us to understand and see a client’s world. We should commit to treating everyone the same and give the same service based on their needs and personal features such as sex, colour, and religion/beliefs. You can address diversity by treating everyone the same, some people will have different needs, and we may need to adjust…show more content…
This would be the appropriate comment to embed congruence, showing that we are real and genuine and to understand that we will experience diversity. In practice working with diversity means to become aware of the diversity between ourselves, the people we work with and the communities we serve. In class we have different genders, ages, races, and religions and these are the differences that we see. We define diversity as four fold: values, emotional, identity and physical characteristics, and others are emotional such as behaviour and style. Invisible difference includes values such as integrity and a way of life, and identity – also invisible – includes gay and lesbian and social class. Some of our differences find their origin in our roots, others are a conscious choice, and others are an unconscious
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