Human Service Professional Case Study

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Human service professional are faced with many different ethical dilemmas, while doing this line of work. The people offers you a preview of the in-dept examination of Cynthia. In the case study, it examines a in-dept look in to her everyday life. It also allows the cultural bias that comes in everyday life. As a professional, the ethical dilemmas that are faced is the approach to resolving the ethical dilemmas. In the process, it is required as the professional to evaluate the ethical issues social as well as cultural considerations, confidentiality, and also the service delivery of concern. In doing the evacuation as a professional. I will be able to understand what the ethical challenges are and make a plan of action for the future development.…show more content…
In doing a review Cynthia provides a valuable information with the respect of multicultural diversity that would affect the human service field of today. As a human service professional, you provide a services to a diverse population from a many different ethical viewpoints. There are many challenges in understanding other cultural beliefs, values and also ethical practices. The perspectives such as the social aspect that comes as a part the changing in relationships in reference to the racially ethics and the difference of multicultural counseling. As a human service professional, you would have to in the case of Cynthia encouraging the unique value and also characteristics of human services. You would have to uphold the integrity and also ethics in order to promote the clients greater well-being and also enhance your own personal growth in the process. I would in this case as a professional refer the family to do family counseling in order to work through their problems. I would first as a professional respect their right to confidentiality but inform the client of the limit to confidentiality before the relationship is

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