The Importance Of Equality And Diversity In Health And Social Care

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Exercise 1 a. Access and read your workplace statement of purpose and, the company equality and diversity policy. b. Summarise what they state and your care worker responsibilities to service users. In the promotion of equality and diversity, you should incorporate culture, beliefs, gender, sexuality and lifestyle choices. - To help individuals who need support to live their life to the full as independently as possible within their own home. - Staff to provide the highest possible standard of care within the community, giving the individuals the best quality of life. - Every person has their individual needs comprehensively addressed and should be treated equally and without discrimination no matter the individual's ethnic…show more content…
e. Explain: * the importance of inclusion and its link to the terms in “d” Inclusion links with diversity and equality. It is important to understand someone's differences so that you can include them and treat them equally and fairly. Everyone should feel respected. Being valued for who and what they are. Everyone has a full and active participation and have a sense of belonging. Inclusive practice involves taking action to remove barriers to participation and learning. Inclusion also involves eliminating discrimination and promoting equality. Recognizing and respecting the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences, is promoting equality. - the effects of discrimination on individuals Treating people unequally can result in their losing their dignity, respect, self-esteem and self-worth and ability to make choices; individuals or groups being oppressed or disadvantaged. Discrimination, harassment and victimization leave the individual confused and
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