Essay Explain What Is Meant By Diversity

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1.Explain what is meant by: -diversity -equality -inclusion -discrimination Diversity means difference.Even though people have things in common,they are different and unique and diversity is about recognising and valuing the differencesDiversity consists of visible and non-visible factors like background,cultures,personality and is also protected under discrimination legislation in terms of race ,disability,sexual orientetion ,age, gender,religion. By recognising and understanding our individual differences and embracing them, we create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued. Equality means treating everybody in accordance with their needs ,equal rights,preventing discrimination and giving the same opportunity for…show more content…
2.Describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in the work settings Direct discrimination can occur in the workplace because you can be treated less favourable / differently/lower standard of care because of your age,race,gender,disability,sexuality or religion,ethnicity,culture,mental health.Service provider must be aware of their prejudicies and avoid providing a different standard of care or support the the individuals they are working with. Indirect discrimination could occur when a rule or policy that applies equally to everybody is more restrictive for people from a certain group. We can give as example a company which gives information about its policies only in English or a council which providesinformation about it`s homeless applications procedure in English, and then people whose`s first language is not English have an unfair disadvantage and could be seen as indirect discrimination. Supporting equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of discrimination as they show that everyone is equal in their own right and should be treated as
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