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SHC 33: Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people setting. 1.1 What is meant by: diversity, equality and inclusion? Diversity refers to the variety and differences between people and groups in our society. These differences need to be recognised and respected. Diversity is about acknowledging your prejudices, allowing people to be different and respecting these differences. It is also about challenging others if necessary and speaking up for the individuals you support when they cannot speak up for themselves. We live in a diverse society, where people vary in so many ways, including in their age, sex, physical characteristics, race, beliefs, values and preferences. Equality does not mean that everyone has to be treated the same. People have different needs, ambitions and situations. Every person should have equality of opportunity. This means opening up access for everyone, ensuring that everyone has a chance to take part in society on an equal basis to be treated appropriately regardless to their differences. Equality is about treating people fairly and equally. Sometimes in order to treat people equally you have to treat them differently. All people should be valued for their individuality and offered any support that they might need. Everyone should be treated with the care, consideration and respect that they have a right to and given the same opportunities to learn and achieve as others. Inclusion is a process to include everyone and meet individual needs. It is a human right for every individual. It means that everyone counts and differences should be valued, respected and celebrated. Inclusion involves identifying barriers that prevent people from taking part, being involved and fitting in. Knowledge is needed to understand these barriers which can only then be broken down. It is everyone’s

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