Unit 547 Case Study

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Unit 547 Promote good practice in the support of individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. 1.1 Analyse the defining features of Autistic Spectrum Conditions and the impact on practice Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. http://www.autism.org.uk/ As autism is a spectrum disorder (ASD) there can be a vast difference in the difficulties people with the condition can experience. The spectrum ranges from Classic Autism through to High Functioning and Asperger’s. Those with classic type will also have a learning disability and will require ongoing support for the whole of their lives. While at…show more content…
We will have to wait and see if this research proves too be successful in the future. 1.5 Explain the importance of a person-centered approach, focusing on the individual not the diagnosis. As each individual on the autism spectrum are different and each of them will have different needs, it is therefore essential that a person centered approach is used. The person must be at the centre of their care. I have explained PCP in unit 517 in depth, is doesn’t matter what an individual has a diagnosis of they should all be support in a person centered approach. 1.6 Analyse how the stereotyped views and prejudice of others impact on the lives of individuals with an autistic spectrum conditions. There are over 700,000 people living in the UK who have autism, in 2007 the National Autistic Society commissioned a market research company to look at levels of awareness and understanding amongst the general public regarding autism. * 92% of people claim to have heard of…show more content…
This is simply not the case; children are often provided with lots of support especially if they have a more severe form of autism. When they move into adult services it can be a big shock to the family when they see their support budget is usually reduced quite significantly. The transition stage is very difficult time as most people with ASD do not like change. For those who are able to and would like to work, actually finding work is not easy, this is mainly due to a lack of knowledge and understanding by the employer. There needs to more training available for both the employer and other employees to enable them to work with and offer the person with autism to hold down a job. This may lead to low self-esteem and lack of purpose in their everyday lives. When I worked in retail I offered two young men who had ASD jobs, this turned out to be a great success. As long as what was expected of them was explained simply at a level which suited them they were able to carry out their work to a very high

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