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3.2 explain the reason why children and young people development may not follow the expected pattern ? There are many reasons why development may not follow the normal is important to know the pattern of the order the child is meant to develop in so you can support the child and the family. Development can be Influenced by many different factors ,including health, disability environment and family background. Some of the few things that can have a a influence on the development of children and young people. Health Chronic conditions such as asthma can cause children to have time off school, infections like meningitis causes development delay. Disability Cerebral palsy can result in brain damage and can cause problems with mobility. Sensory impairment Hearing difficulties are one of the most common causes of language delay and speech problems in young children. Learning difficulties Down syndrome can result in development delay , learning difficulties and health problems. Family background can effect a child's development by the family's values the culture and the way the child is encouraged and cared for all can effect the child development. The child environment can effect the development of the child e.g. Housing condition , opportunities for play and educational. Poverty and deprivation can affect the child's development because Lack of money can lead to poor nutrition and lack of opportunity and also lower expectations. Children and young people in the care system are more vulnerable,often due to the lack of stability and attachment disorder this can affect their emotional ,social and academic development. 3.3 Explain how disability name affect development. Disability can affect the development of children and young people in a variety of different ways. Physical development may be affected by limited mobility if
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