Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People

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Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people 3.1 If a child or young person has a disability it can have a significant impact on their lives. They may face discrimination because they have a disability, this could involve not being included within groups of children, or because children and young people don’t have an understanding of what a disability is. If a child/young person with a disability is not included or given the correct support to enable them to be included they could become depressed and develop low self-esteem. If opportunities are not available to those with disabilities such as disabled access to schools, colleges and community centres these can be barriers for them trying to lead normal lives, it may cause embarrassment to the individual. If a disabled person cannot access public facilities this acts as a barrier and takes away their right as a human being to have the same chances as everybody else. How a child or young person is accepted in a particular setting can have an impact on how they develop a negative acceptance because of having a disability could possibly lead to the child or young person feeling depressed and lacking in motivation, they may underachieve and have a reluctance to learn. The child or young person may develop a fear of failure this leading to lack of interest in trying new things and becoming isolated. 3.2 It is important to have a positive attitude towards a child/young person’s disability or specific requirements to enable them to have the same opportunities as everybody else and to enable them to have opportunities to make choices and develop their potential, become independent and make a positive contribution to society. In my setting we have a student who has communication difficulties and uses signalong to communicate, we have all received training in signalong to enable us
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