Why Children Need To Be Looked After Essay

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Reasons why children and young people need to be looked after by the state can be split into two main categories; Family related and child related. These two main categories can then be broken into sub categories. Children or young people who need to be looked after due to family related reasons may have been a direct result of bereavement, illness both temporary and permanent, neglect, family breakdown, divorce, separation, parental incapacity or mental health problems. Children who need to be looked after due to child related reasons may be a direct result of health problems, behavioural problems, learning difficulties, stress, and depression. Family related reasons: Bereavement If a child’s parents were to die whether it be both…show more content…
It may be with the local authorities or a family relative or friend. If the illness is permanent and leaves the parent/ guardian unable to care for the child, then permanent care may be put in place. Child related reasons; Behavioural problems Children may need to be looked after as a consequence of their own actions. If a child’s behaviour cannot be managed and controlled by their parents/ guardians and is causing stress and ill health to anyone in the household then they may require them to be looked after by someone other than their parents/guardians. Learning difficulties Children with learning difficulties present their own problems and challenges; some families are unable to cope with these challenges and may place their child in respite care. To enable the family to relax and deal with other children or their own needs. In some cases the child may be placed in permanent care if the family are unable to provide the care required. In conclusion there are multiple reasons why a child may need to be looked after and for what length of time, there are multiple places where a child can be looked after away from the
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