Level 2 Stls Unit 1

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1.2 Describe, with examples, how different aspects of development can affect one another. A child being unable to express themselves through oral language may find it themselves frustrated and will show this frustration in their behavior towards others. This will affect their social and communication development strongly, as they won’t be able to communicate normally, they will probably show less want to join in with others and friendships may be harder to obtain. A child that crawls later than normal wouldn't be able to explore their environment the way a normal child would. This would affect their physical development and their intellectual development, as their learning at the age of crawling is sometimes dependent on their ability to move and touch things. 2.1 Describe, with examples, the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including: background, health, and environment. A child or young person’s background can influence their development. If a family has a recent breakup, if the child is suffering from bereavement or even moving house then this could affect them emotionally as well as intellectually, this could even transfer to the classroom and affect the ability for the child to learn normally. Other than the background of a child or young person their health is another influence of their development, this can include medical condition or impairment disallowing them the chance of normal activities as other children. The child’s physical development is the most likely affected because this but a child’s social development can be affected if the medical condition impacts on normal social activities. If the child is aware of this impact on social and physical developments and deals with this negatively it will ultimately affect them emotional. One other influence that may affect a young person’s developmental can be
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