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UNIT 4222-378 (LD 310) Outcome 1 1. People on the autistic spectrum have share certain difficulties, their condition effect them in different ways. Some people with autism are able to live reactively independent lives but others may have accompanying learning disabilties and need a life time of specialist support. Therefore its important that we recognise each person on the spectrum will need different type of support. 2 Triad of impairments is the term that describes the difficulties that people with autism experience in differing degrees. Because all people are different, the way autism effects them is also different. 3 Autistic individuals may have symptoms that are independent of the diagnosis, but that can affect individual and the family. Up to 10% of individuals with ASD shows unusual abilities, ranging from memorization of trivia to the extraordinary rare talents of prodigious autistic savants. Many individual with ASD shows superior skills in perception and attention , relative to the general population. Sensory abnormalities are found over 90% of those with autism. Estimated 60-80 % of autistic people have motor signs that include poor muscle tone, poor motor planning, and toe walking, deficits in motor coordination are pervasive across ASD and are greater in autism proper. 4. It has been widely reported that autistic people have unusual sensory perceptual experience that may involve hypo- and hypersensitivity, fluctuation between different volumes of perception and difficulty interpreting a sense. Some of the perception difficulties for autistic people ; viewing thing literally without interpretation, delayed processing for example, phrases, words or sentences may take time to process. 5 The autistic spectrum describes a range of conditions such as; pervasive developmental disorders includes autism, Asperger syndrome, rett syndrome, childhood

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