Case Study Of MIS Project Management At First National Bank

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MIS Project Management at First National Bank SOLUTIONS COMPLETE 17 Answers Case Study Summary FNB struggled as growth rates through acquisitions of small banks outpaced their systems and processes which left them inefficient in certain business segments of the organization. FNB realized early on that a process of project management was needed in order to manage the number of projects to ensure resources were allocated based on financial feasibility. Although a robust process in place that reviews each project at a high level, yet include a very descriptive cost analysis. The priorities committee makes the final decision as to if the project will move forward to proposal stage. The problem at FNB was the ISD group who managed the…show more content…
The goal was to take the manual data would be integrated into one system where the corporate marketing group would manage the data. The problem from the beginning of the project was the lack of support and resource allocation. There was no alignment with the project sponsor and the project manager as they were clearly disconnected and not on the same page. The project was over budget, lacked quality material and pressured to meet the committed timeline. The PM ultimately took the fall for the team and was removed off the project. The next PM never gained momentum and resources to support the project and ended up leaving the company. The one benefit of the project was that it provided data analysis and a deeper understanding of further opportunities or assessments as to whether the Marketing group was the right group to manage the platforms and data moving…show more content…
Jim Gunn was the project manager and he reported to the Manager of Corporate Development. However, indirectly he worked closely with Mr. Hart and had to answer and report project progress up through him. Jim also felt a tremendous amount of pressure from the General Manager of the project who also reviewed and approved the project plan along with Mr. Hart. 5. No, the PM did not report vertically within the organization and he laterally reported into other managers with the bank. This is an example of Project Management through a Matrix Structure. I would say this is a combination of weak form as Mr. Hart clearly has vested interest as well as the General Manager and Jim has limited authority or ability to make decisions and drive the project. 6. At some point within large organizations there is movement within the organizational structure and although not ideal, a PM could be managing former colleagues. As long as roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and the OLT is aligned and messaging down consistent goals and expectations as to culture and personalities of the organization these managers should be in a position to be

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