League Of Flight Attendants

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Magic Carpet Airlines (MCA) was not successful to make a very productive, effective negotiating plan. MCA had utilized temporary members for their negotiating group who were neither arranged for the discussions or comprised transitional appointments in the company. For instance, Bill Orleans and Ross Irving were working on the team together. Bill recently had been demoted from his position and Ross came to his position and they were working together. It was uncomfortable for Ross. There was no preparation between the MCA members at that time and they didn’t want to change their strategy. Other members of the MCA didn’t want contribute because there were different time constraints and they felt lack of commitment for workers in same team. This was not fair and that shows company didn’t treat their workers equally. MCA team was not successful to prepare effective strategy and their realistic negotiation, they were unsuccessful to expect and prepare for the possible LFA dialogue points. In the first meeting of discussion, the MCA team had not even showed up on time. The LFA group started to inquiry the MCA team’s integrity and good belief commitment. The MCA first “strategy” was to let LFA prevail a principle plan which they would dismiss the request automatically and then postpone and delay caucus. This caused frustration among the members. Moreover, the MCA team lost its quality in company positions and couldn’t make any reasonable offer alternatives to LFA counter-proposals. MCA had no clear plan or objectives and didn’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own and LFA’s positions. On the other hand, LFA was well-prepared and more professional during the negotiations. They defined the bargaining outlines. Based on these issues, the LFA determined the major points were wages and job security (seniority). LFA also prepared for contingencies,

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