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Proj 430 Week 1 Case 1 1. J & D accounting created an Information Services Division for studies and analysis to be able to compete against larger firms. With its increased employees and customers there is no structure keeping them in order. Projects are incomplete, customers do not know where to get answers from, and the director of ISD is forced to handle daily activities instead of strategic planning and policy formulation. The director will be reassigned and the systems manager will be taking her spot. The replacement is confidential until the date nears. He is given a list of problems she has observed that need to be address and is recommended to use some form of a matrix structure. . 2. Transitional management must be used to successful restructure the organization. This will give employees an understanding of what new goals, objectives, roles, expectations, and fears the employees may have. Proper planning, training, and acceptance are important for the transition to be successful. 3. The organizational structure should be changed to a matrix structure. A department must be created for customer relations. The secretary pool will be placed lower in the organization. The operations manager will control less of the people resources and must understand there are other managers. Employees would need to be informed of the new change and learn to accept it. The associate director is no longer needed. 1. Reichart is the assigned project manager for a computer program. Functional managers are charging direct labor time to his project but actually working on their own project with no relation to the Trophy project. This caused over cost in budget. When Reichart complained of this and tried to get support from upper management/corporate they told him not to poke his nose in the functional manager’s business. As time went on so did the project

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