Token Economy Essay

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The Token Economy Amy Neri, BSHS 461 June 7, 2013 The Token Economy This essay will focus on a case study about the Token Economy. Team C will provide an analysis based on the case notes, included in the essay will be what leadership model could one apply to the scenario, key elements of the supervisory process demonstrated, common challenges the supervisor and supervisee face, and factors that influenced job design, hiring, training, and performance appraisals. Leadership Model The model that can most apply to this scenario is the Contingency Theory. Not only does it apply to the problem in the situation directly but it also relates to the way the workers and supervisor reacted to the way they worked an interacted during the conflict. Contingency Theory has various styles of leadership and no two workers are motivated the same way (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007, p. 278). Based on the interaction on how the supervisor and the employee’s role intertwined with each other it was clear to see that the supervisor assumed and expected certain expectations in the workplace and assumed that along with that the client’s needs would also be met. As we seen the situation play out we also noticed the lack of motivation to practice the token system with the clients coming from the employees’ point of view. The challenge there was that competency and practice of the method were not being held to the same standard as the supervisors’ vision. If the supervisor has a strong sense of that method and knowledge of it, the employees were not reflexing the same in this example. We see different employees taking different methods and also business practices to deal with the situation in the workplace. The terms of the leadership taken in this work example showed how people took this type of leadership and how it resulted in no clear boundaries, trust being questioned and
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